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Castelberg has perpetuated an traditional know-how. The human hand, that of both artist and craftsman, marks every object of its print and its strength, which convey this ?immaterial? presence: our know ? how. The Castelberg Royal style comes from an artistic gesture, outlining a drawing in total osmosis with crystal, a style that one easily through the manual modelling of the shapes and patterns, as if sculptured, the richness of the figurative details, the different types of finishing and its model initialization with ?Castelberg Royal? by manual process called: ?sand-streaming? creates this characteristic contrast of clear and matt crystal.
An identity built by softness, femininity, nature with strong domination Art nouveau and Art Deco inspirations. Light sculptor?When what is contained in the matter is revealed through the light. Castelberg, the only crystal pet bowels, which through an artistic gesture and the fusion at 1.400 C of lead and sand, metamorphoses raw material into unique artworks.